Weddings and Baptisms

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Some of the most joyful events at All Saints' are the weddings and baptisms that take place here. At both, solemn promises are made in the context of a celebration of God's love for us and our love for one another.


Given our proximity to Bradgate Park (and the number of proposals that take place there!) we're delighted to host weddings for people who live in Newtown Linford and further afield. We want to help you make your wedding day - and more importantly the marriage that follows it - as special and as significant as it can be. We believe God designed marriage from the beginning to help us understand the love he has for us. You can find out more about getting married in an Anglican church at This site also contains information about the kinds of link which are legally necessary for the wedding to take place here if you live elsewhere, but even if you don't have an existing link, as long as you're able to attend once a month over six months, a new 'qualifying connection' can be established. Ask about the '6in6' scheme.

If you're interested in getting married at All Saints', the first step is to contact our Church Office and speak to Bekki, our administrator. Email the church office about weddings


At baptism (or christening, the two words refer to the same thing) equally important promises are made, that parents will help their children to grow up knowing the love of God, understanding the Christian good news in Jesus and being part of the family of God. Again, much more information can be found at

Email the church office about baptism